We hope you’re enjoying your summer.  Here in Arizona, we are LOVING the monsoon rains.  The overcast skies, the cool mornings, well-watered gardens and the wonderful sound of the steady rain is something I look forward to every July.

July is a transitional month in our buying schedule.  We are still very selective buying summer clothing but will transition to buying FALL CLOTHING on Monday, July 21.  When we begin buying for Fall, we are mainly looking for jeans and long sleeved shirts for men, women and children. Buy mid-August, we will be buying jackets and other heavier winter items.

July is also a month of clearance sales so it’s a great time to save even more on clothes in every department.  Our final clearance items are all marked down to $1.00-$5.00 for another few weeks.  Orange tags are all 50% off this month.  Home and Garden is also full of new mark-downs at 25% off.

Enjoy the rest of your days of summer.  Fall will be here before you know it.


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